Virtual Reality (VR) Discussion

I have to admit, I initially wasn’t very interested in VR. After reading all the studies about the early models, I had no interest. They either appeared too expensive, or were just plain hazardous to my health. For anyone who didn’t know, I have a very high chance of having epilepsy. My mom and sister have it, so if I have prolonged exposure to eye strain then I could potentially have an episode. I might have written an article about it back during summer, but I actually experienced virtual reality this summer with Sheri’s son Ty.

I would refer to him as “my friend” Ty, but I really just want to be left alone and we’re always forced to hang out. After seeing how my dad being friends with Sheri has affected my mom, I feel more distant to her family. The virtual reality place was downtown somewhere, sort of by McQueen. That’s where they live and go to school. Except for Sheri, of course. So anyways, he and I tried it and it was pretty amazing while we did it. One person who I know would enjoy it is my buddy living in Reno. He’s always into current trends and stuff, but he always has tons of money to spare because his reno chiropractor business does so well. If only it was as easy as he makes it look. I thought that I would be resistant to the spatial discomfort that comes with seeing the movement, but it still got to me. Most of the games have you standing perfect still while you do something, but if you play one of the games with movement, there is no way to walk.

You pretty much just have to point to a spot and then teleport there. This robot ninja shooting game that I was playing had you jump if you teleported to a spot higher than you were, and I felt dizzy every time it happened. It’s because your brain thinks that it’s moving, but your body tells your brain that it isn’t. This make both of them confused, resulting in an uncomfortable loss of balance. It really was immersive, though. You can’t really tell there’s a world outside because the place put sound canceling headphones on you as well.