The Top Three Denver Restaurants of 2018

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Denver’s got a lot of great food and all, but these restaurants are the best of the best. I mean, if they weren’t good at all, why would they even be put on this list?

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Let’s kick the list off with some exotic European food. DiFranco’s in Denver offers something that a lot of restaurants don’t: perfect food on top of experienced chefs on top of friendly waiters. If you can name another restaurant that offers all three of those things in succession, then you don’t live in Denver. Make sure to be in Capitol Hill in Denver if you want to beat the crowd. DiFranco’s is POPULAR. Personally, my favorite item on the menu is the penne pasta with prosciutto vodka sauce.

DiFranco’s serves all sorts of other things as well though, ranging from their delicious meatballs to more uncommon items like cranberry ricotta cake. Never thought I’d hear those three words in succession. The service here is top notch as well. I’ve been to at least five restaurants in the past year where I couldn’t even get the waiter’s attention, and they were servicing every other table except ours. Things like that can put a place out of business if you’re a secret food critic or something.

Most waiters don’t understand that the restaurant’s reputation is on the line with every little action they do at work. Sanitation is paramount in the owner’s M.O., as he was regularly walking around the restaurant and making sure all the tables were clean. He deserves some kind of employee of the month medal for that, although I guess it’s part of the job when you’re owner. When he reached my table, he asked if I had everything I needed and even offered a few suggestions (I hadn’t ordered yet).

Very helpful and kind. Because DiFranco’s is relatively new, I made sure to ask him if the restaurant had found a reliable hood cleaning company to work with yet. It’s a weird question, I know, but I slipped him the number of my brother’s Denver hood cleaning business. Win-win for everyone. It sounds like all of the people with Yelp accounts have agreed with me so far, as I have only seen good reviews online for DiFranco’s. I have nothing negative to say about this Denver restaurant either.

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Next up, a stay at Denver wouldn’t be complete if you forgot to stop by Postino LoHi for an amazing meal. This restaurant is on the classier end, so make sure to wear your fancy clothes. Don’t bring your wallet, however, because the prices are so reasonable for what they offer that you might as well be eating for free. This time around, you’ll be dining in Denver’s Highland area. Only a few buildings away from Hirshorn Park, so you can burn off all those calories after eating.

Or you can arrive a few hours in advance and preemptively lose all the weight you’ll probably gain. Postino LoHi’s portions are just as good as the food itself, and it seems like the chefs want to make sure that you go home fat and happy. So far, my favorite thing to order has been the paninis. Doesn’t matter what’s in them, because I know it will be amazing regardless. Other than spaghetti it likely ranks among the most popular Italian dishes, but that’s because it’s just good. The chefs here do something with their creamy garlic sauce that makes my mouth water whenever I think about it.

Perfect little shindig for business meetings, and the waiters don’t harass you the whole time so you should be able to talk without being interrupted. I know a lot of places can blast loud music over the intercom, or the volume of everyone there can be intolerable at times too. Not to worry, because Postino LoHi offers a peaceful environment so you can focus purely on enjoying your food. In addition, this restaurant also offers outdoor seating.

Denver’s climate is about as reasonable as this restaurant’s prices, so I’ve eaten outside a few times. Definitely doesn’t detract from the meal in any way. I wish I could leave great online reviews for each one of the dishes I’ve ordered, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. If you’re still seeking more info, check out Postino LoHi’s website or read the many other positive reviews on google and Yelp. Good job, Postino LoHi!

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A lot of people prefer that feeling of eating breakfast in a cafe with friends, so this next suggestion will be right up their alley. Moxie Eatery is a cafe that specializes in breakfast and brunch, sandwiches, and amazing interior decorating. Anybody who lives between Speer and Baker in Denver is in for a treat. First of all, I have to mention the look of this restaurant before I can even mention the food.

With all of the natural lighting from the windows and beautiful artwork, I would pay just to be inside of Moxie Eatery. That’s how nice it is to be inside of. Each time I’ve eaten breakfast here, the food has been consistently fresh tasting. It’s almost as if the chefs order the ingredients and have them delivered each morning, or they have their own special little kitchen garden where they grow all of their produce.

If you arrive a little too late for lunch, the soups are extremely savory too. My favorite dish to order at Moxie Eatery is the avocado toast with green eggs and ham. Sounds gross, tastes great. Pesto’s just one of my things. Families can bring their kids here too, if they don’t want to make breakfast or feel like eating one that’s ten times better. One time I saw a family of five order all their own food, and when I asked the waiter how much it cost them in total, it was less than $40!

These are not small French portions, either. If you ask for chicken strips, the chefs give you half a chicken. More leftovers for me, no problems here. I was actually anticipating eating here for a while before the first time, because I had heard so many positive things about the restaurant in their positive online reviews. A job well done.