The internet as a whole, but also simultaneously a topic

This doesn’t really seem like a topic for discussion unless you’re either too old to understand current technology, or you’re in the web industry. We’re going to talk about the web. I’m not really sure what they mean by “what direction do you think the internet is headed in?” The only direction it’s going is EVERY direction. No one company owns the internet, and it’s just going to proliferate and expand because almost everyone uses it. I actually read heard about IP addresses running out, and the measures that the government is taking to try and ration them. My friend and I were discussing it this morning, but we didn’t have a ton of time to talk. He gets really busy with his clark county liquor license business, seeing as how it’s super successful.

Since I’m 17 and extremely modern, I have been exposed to the internet for my entire life. We’ve always had a computer in the house, but largely because my parents need them to work off of. I remember sometimes I would go onto the PBS Kids website and play whatever flash games they had. My parents would never let me print out any of the pictures so I could color them, because they said ink was too expensive. That always made me mad. I was in kindergarten at the time. In fact, my kindergarten had a computer too. There was one video game on it, and it was some kind of construction game. I only played it once, and it wasn’t that interesting so I never bothered to remember anything about it.

My mom got a desktop for me and Naomi to share around 2009, but she got it with points from her work. We got a few games on there, but we mostly looked for free downloads on shady websites so eventually the PC was riddled with viruses. My older cousin wiped it clean a few times and we had to reinstall everything, but it was still a slow machine. It got to the point where you had to restart it if you wanted to do anything, because after a few minutes it would become super sluggish and nothing would load. I never really got any interesting games for PC, anyway, Keyboard controls are way too hard.